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Our Recent Work

"Finding Self with Regena" is an authentic, reality series that reaches people from all walks of life who are either looking to or have overcome their struggles.

"Finding Self with Regena" is created by host Sister Regena Provost and debut Nov 2018. Visit

Launched my 3rd Season with Special Guest 

Vince Beyer

Vince Beyer is the creator and founder of The Victory Tips Program. Rev Regena Provost launches Season 3 Ep 1 with Vince Beyer, who helps people cope with mental illness across the globe. Vince opens up and tells us about his past struggles, his accomplishments, and new project

Special Guest Sister Michelle on "Revival of Fire" and the straight Line

Host Sister Regena Provost, Sister Michelle tells us about her calling as the custodian of the House of Jacob Conquering Lion of Judah Sanctuary of YHWH (HOJCLOJSOY), why it is different than other sanctuaries, and what it means to be walking the straight line. 

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