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Creative Ministry

List of Books from Founder and other Inspired Writers

 My Comfort Comes from GOD Alone.

by Regena Provost

Coming out next Spring 2023

God is the True Light in our Darkest Moments, whether it be a situation we created or a circumstance that is out of our control; Our Holy Father is the only answer and the only one we can all depend on.  He comforts us, provides for us, guides us, blesses us, heals us and forgives our sins once we repent and ask for forgiveness and realize that we need to keep our eyes on HIM and only HIM . No matter how hard the road may get, how difficult the situation may be or if we have reached the end of our ropes, Jesus Our Lord and Saviour is the only Solution.  It took me most of my adulthood to realized that and now that I have, I want everyone to know so they don't spend a lifetime learning the same lessons.

-Regena Provost

Unfold Your Petals

by Evangeline Cain

This book is about the embodied woman opening her petals like a rose. It’s about strife and looking to the goddesses of ancient times to carry us to where we need to go, as goddess.  The more we open up as embodied women, the more we dream, love, live, grow, and unfold like Aphrodite, the beautiful rose. Each of our petals represent the accomplishments that have nurtured our wounds, and what we can’t nurture.

-Evangeline Cain-

She Finally Came Aboard!

by Regena Provost

coming out Summer 2024

She never trusted in GOD before because deep down she knew the cost would be too great for her to pay.  She came to a crossroads in her life where she had to choose whether to DIE for HIM or live for the enemy.  GOD let the evil one tempt so many times before she eventually fell and every time after that, without a doubt she would dive head first, not worrying about the consequences or where she may end up.

Failed Love Vs. Strength

by Regena Provost

Coming out Fall 2025

When a Child grows up without either parent, especially a mother, that child grows to hate the world and everything in it; there's no room for Grace, mercy or remorse and regret sets in his/her heart. As that child becomes a teenager, it has no sense of direction, no chance of building healthy relationships with anyone because no one can get close, they refuse to let anyone in to see their pain.

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