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My Inspired Thoughts

Matthew 7:13

Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, 

and many enter through it

But strait is the gate and TRIBULATION is the road that leads to life and only a few find it. 


May 23, 2021

When I was a little girl, I knew you were real 

but as the years went by and turmoil consumed me,  I was shown a world of pain that I just couldn't deal 

with the disappointments and broken promises that my heart was forced to feel,

there was no protection from the only woman you chose to be my mother 

she was too busy looking for love and being abused by the so called others. 

A child wasn't good enough for her to love, so I had no choice but to turn to the one above

Though I felt you created all this evil around me, you brought real women into my life, 

a grandmother and a godmother along with a beautiful aunt who loved me unconditionally.

I learned to be a loving, caring and respectful young lady who almost had a baby for all the wrong reasons, thought that relationship was gonna be forever but turned out to be only for a season.

The babies I did have were unintentional but forever Blessings from YOU, my heavenly father.

All those years I spent getting high and drunk, I became absent, lost and couldn't be bothered.

To find out who I was, who I could've been, or did I even deserve to be a mother 

My journey was long, cold and full of deception and lies, my basket was overflowing 

My life was planned out and already a Masterpiece without me even knowing 

My children wanting me in their lives, a man who loves me with all his might, and a mother trying to redeem herself, eventually turning "her wrongs" into "her rights".

But the Husband you gave me, which she seems to despise, is undeniably and will forever 

be the love of my life.

-Regena Provost-

Your Masterpiece

November 2, 2021

-Regena Provost-

The Empress's New Clothes

April 29, 2019

​Thought I had it all Before, but you knew i needed something more

walked away, took the dark path, all along looking where i was at

you foresaw my future, i thought his prize was better

never thought I'd be rescued, but you blessed me to know you

Lord, i felt so low, lost all my hope

But your Love Grace and Mercy set me free

Spirit live forever in me.

-Regena Provost-

On Borrowed Time

April 29, 2019

​Waking up with pain in my body everyday, not knowing the cause

I look for you through the fog , there's not enough time for me,

which made me think "am i dying? or is it just my misery

taking over and consuming.  Evil thoughts surrounding me

I was blinded for so long, i didn't want to awake, staying asleep was easier, all i had to do was fake.

But Reality hit me hard, I was so close to giving up but you saw my emptiness and Holy Spirit filled me up

with your Light, Unconditional Love never existed, 

wanted nothing to do with your mighty power, but you persisted, you insisted

created situations to make me see my sinful ways, thought 

I was alone in the wilderness, stumbling, falling flat on my face

feeling like I can disappear without a trace

but only you saw through my pain, you deemed me worthy to stay

to overcome my own selfish pride as I was laying there ready to die

you opened my eyes, gave me a second chance to see another day

and taught me how to get out of my own way.

-Regena Provost-

Failed Love

April 29, 2019

​You made me feel like I never belonged to you like you wanted someone else to hold onto, which to me never made any sense

but GOD put others in my life to fill the void of your absence

there were so many things I wanted to make you see but you were so blinded by the love of their misery, they had control of us and made you hat little me

but GOD had bigger plans for us as you can finally see

HE delivered me through all the nightmare I faced alone

though your body was there, in your mind,  no one was home

you numbed yourself to believe in their lies so you can survive off what ever they provided, even when it was snake oil, you forced your daughter to be caught in all your turmoil

I prayed even when FAITH was leaving me and felt emotionally spent

Your failed love has finally become my Strength.

-Regena Provost-

I am A 

November 12, 2018 

B​​eautifully Broken

L​ead by God




W​illing to surrender all that I thought I was 

Oppressed for too long 

M​anaging inequality

A​bsolutely determined

N​ever alone

A proud mother and a devoted wife who has learned what it means to be a child of God.  Surrendering all that is unclean, unrighteous and unkind.  Living in a world of uncertainty except for HIS way.  Not even the hour is certain but what is certain is that one fine day we all will meet, bow down and serve our Lord Jesus.

-Regena Provost-​

Can you be the man I need?

November 11, 2018

Can you love me with everything inside since you haven;t given me all of you 

You say you care for me but you treat me like you enemy 

when you can't get what you want from one, you ask another til they say yes. 

Yes is always the answer you're looking for.  But when answer is no, you want to hurt everyone around you..

You don't know what it is to be protective, attentive or supportive.

No one ever was that for you so how can I expect you to be that for me.

Why is it so hard for you to love when it's so easy for me.

There's been so much pain and heartache in our past, I thought we can heal and grow with God together and live spiritually ever after.

I loved you with all my brokenness, failures and faults

But your distance has caused me to have second thoughts 

about where we are now and where we are going to be in the future.

Right now I feel we are doomed, you sitting in the living room playing your games and trying to relive your high school years while your wife is watching the TV, Praying and Worshipping alone in our bedroom.

The nostalgia burns away fro me like sand particles on the ground with the wind carrying them out to the sea.

Sometimes all I want to say is Goodbye but God keeps telling me to try.

I pray every night and day that one day you will find his way.

Why is it so hard for you to love me when its so easy for me.  There's been so much pain and heartache in our past, I thought we can heal and grow with God together and live spiritually ever after.

The pain I feel inside is like a knife going through my heart every day and strangling all the life out of me.

Your unprotective, unattentive and unsupportive ways are going to be your downfall one day. 

 -Regena Provost-

​God Our Husbandman!

November 18, 2018

There are so many of us women who yearn for a man to love and adore them like we read in those fairy tales. Where is our fairy tale, why can’t we have the glass slipper put on our feet?  Why can’t we be swept off our feet by a Prince Charming or a Knight in shining armour, A man that cherishes us and takes care of us every day, grow old and spend the rest of his Life with us. Don’t we ask and pray for that all the time? Some of us even fast  and Labour in prayer for it. The one thing we do not realize is that we all have that man, he is with us every moment and every minute of the day, He sits with us, He stands with us, He Loves us unconditionally and always will. His name, His holy Name is Jesus, Lord and Savior.  

So stop looking for your Knight in Shining Armour, your Prince Charming or your One and Only because He is already there at your feet.  Waiting for us to give him everything we have…IN our hearts.  

Not In your wallet, not in the collection box on Sunday, not in your safety deposit box but in your Heart.  Letting him know that we hear him, giving him our love and care and our presence in a quiet space of peace,  patience and long suffering, Learning his Spirit and his ways. That’s all he is asking for; it is a wonderful feeling being loved without any limitations or hesitations, there is no “Maybe” or “Not right now” or “How about tomorrow honey? I’m too tired! In Our God, he never Quits and he never Retires. 

 He Loves us with everything He has, He doesn’t want us to love our husbands more than him, if we were given everything from our husbands and everyone we cared about, what would we need God for? If everything in our lives were going perfect, what would we need God for? If we were healthy, had all the money in the world, the perfect career, all the love and affection from our family and significant others we could ever imagine, what would we need God for?... we would never know his Grace, Mercy, unconditional love and mighty power.

-Regena Provost-​

I found comfort in God but not in you

October 16, 2018

I thought I could learn who I may be in you, 

I thought you would be the answer to all my emptiness that I had inside but it seems that your heart is filled with your own emptiness for someone i can never replace nor will I want to try.

You told me I was your everything that you would never leave but you left a long time ago, I just didn't want to believe.  So I found the one who to love and care for me when you are not able, 

I found comfort in God but not in you.

If I had the ability to make your father appear for you just one time more,

maybe he would tell you that it was his life of mistakes, not yours

I wish you can see you are worth so much more but you value yourself based on the money you have.

If I try to talk to you about anything that means something to me or disturbs me, you just get mad.

You don't want to hear what i have to say. even if it's something I'm so proud of

All I want is support and attention, all I want is real love.

You told me I was your everything that you would never leave but you left a long time ago, I just did't want to believe.

So I found the one who promised to love and care for me  when you are not able, I found comfort in God but not in you.

-Regena Provost-

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