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We Serve to Inspire & Encourage 

We are Living Testimonies that anything is possible Through Christ.

Regena Provost

Evangelist,  Executive Ministry Director,  

Founder & Creator of FCAM Outreach Program 

An Ordained Minister, A Mother, a Wife, a Daughter and a Sister renewed in Christ whose passion has been burning inside of her for a few years, has finally come shining through and she can finally see the vision and speak it into existence with God right there directing her all the way. She now sees that there is nothing she cannot accomplish, or obtain. "Battling a Chronic Disease will not deter me from doing what is destined for me to do.   Through Christ, I have  all the power, wisdom and knowledge to build, design and create and will bring anyone along with me who is willing to surrender and let God lead them."  Her passion is helping people, encouraging the broken that they can be replenished, restored and renewed with the right tools and support.  This is why I created the "FINDING SELF WITH REGENA podcast show";  I wanted people from all walks of life to know that even if you have fallen short or just turned your back on HIM completely that it is never too late and that God is always there even in the darkest places.  Shining his light bright on us, we're just in too deep at times.  I was so deep in my pain and self-destructive ways  that I couldn't even lift my head up or take a breath; I felt I didn't deserve to be loved unconditionally, I had not done anything to make him proud of me.   The darkness was consuming me until one day, I chose to fight to survive and still am now. Fighting every day but this time, I fight with a purpose! to encourage those who are in war within themselves that the Battle has already been won, you just have to believe it.

-Regena Ward-Provost-

Evangeline Cain

Life Coach , Motivational Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

I was bred into chaos and it was time for me to make a change." When chaos is breaded into us, it follows us, it becomes our dark shadow, it becomes hard to break away. But I plan to help you break away like a free bird ready for new horizons. I want to break the dark shadow that follows us, and instead hold us with the light.

It's hard to look at our lives & admit we feel broken, and sometimes when we break apart we put up this facade, or we go invisible because of shame. But the goddesses left a story full of chaos that they didn't hide, they embraced it and they didn't leave behind their sisters, so I encourage us to be that same chick following in the image of greatness.

When I looked at my kids I thought hmm.

How can I make a difference for them? And I'm sure you've wondered the same question. What can I do that will create change & show them the way?

So many people talk about how good it feels to receive what they need, but there's a big gap with no story in between. They forget, the part where they loved from a distance to move ahead, they forget to mention how lonely it is when all your friends disappear, because they don't understand. There's so many parts we forget to say, because of shame, denial, and confusion.

-Evangeline Cain-  Queens Mansion academy

Charmian McFarlane

Ministry Director, Missionary Leader, Co-Founder & Creator of FCAM Outreach Program

Recently becoming a widow and battling her own health, this resilient woman still finds the strength to feed the homeless with her ill daughter three times a week, volunteer at her local church, and is in the process of starting her own missionary program where she will be travelling the world to help others in need of her help & support.

Learning to love ABBA and trusting him, she is embracing her new role as Missionary Director at FCAM

Deborah Lombardo

Ministry Board Member, Outreach & Creator of our Women's Ministry 

Sister Deborah has recently joined our ministry to create our Women's outreach program 

by empowering and encourage them to know their and how important their roles are in the Kingdom of God.  From her own experience of Heartache and pain, she has risen above the ashes and has transformed into a powerful visionary from God.  She not only knows her worth but Knows she is a daughter of a True Mighty King.  Destined to become one of most influential spiritual leaders in our ministry.

Terren Clarke

Board Member & Entrepreneur

Newly born into Christ, this bright spirit who has had a tough journey leading him to the Almighty GOD is ready to Serve in anyway he can!

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