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God Found Her!

Ephesians 2:15

Having Abolished his flesh, the emnity even the law of commandments 

contained on ordinances; for to make in 

himself of twain one NEW man, so making peace.

When she realized how long she was under the control of the enemy, she was so heart broken because she knew she had not just let down herself or her children but she knew that she had disobeyed Abba, Her one and only Father. Her Children's lives were torn apart by her selfish and self centred ways, She never really seen the look in their eyes the way she has seen them now. It's like as soon as she immersed herself in Holy water and Surrendered all to HIM, Jesus removed the mud and the fog from her eyes and what she saw, she did not like or wanted to even claim that part of her life as HERS but it was. GOD saw to it that she not only claim it but embrace and use it as her vehicle to Sobriety and renewed Faith and encourage and teach her now teenagers and others like her who have walked the same dark and desolate road and show them that through all the scrapes and cuts and bruises we endure and afflict along the way, Yeshua is right there to pick us up off the ground, clean us, dust us off and guide us through the wilderness.

Ephesians 4:24

And that ye put on the new man, which after GOD is created in 

Righteousness and True Holiness

Putting on the new Woman has not been an easy task for Her, she still makes mistakes but now she is sober so she can see where she has gone wrong and has the will to ask her Father how can she correct what she has done, especially regarding her beautiful teenagers who are so bright and full of love and compassion for their broken mother, who has since been renewed in CHRIST. She never understood that all they wanted was to have her there for them and not the material things. HER Goal now is to Build and create a Facility for people like who she once was who are either at the end or coming near the end of the darkness and have just started to to see light or are afraid of what coming to the light may bring to their life now. Maybe they don't know how to come out of the Darkness, She didn't for 19 years of her life. What she is here say to all those who are on their paths and seem to not know where they are headed is that where you are now leads to a path to emptiness and death. Not always physical but more importantly,

spiritual, And as her chapters are still being written as of today, this new year of 2023 is bringing her the harvest of abundance from the seeds of Charity, greatness, selflessness and gratefulneess and the biggest seed of all, Forgiveness for herself, her family an and her building an amazing relationship with her newly Yaweh following spirit turned over to Yeshua and his glory of light shining so bright for all to see.  She will never let her illness define her or stop her from Abba's Kingdom here on earth for all to share in her visions he blessed with.  The gifts of kindness, Compassion, Hope, and all the love in this world that she has to offer.

He's been her answer the entire time she was searching for the truth, He is and always will be Her true Father on earth as in Heaven; she just didnt want to believe or see that He was.

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