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We are a Ministry of great people who have been on various journeys in life

and together, we are building an Empowered Community for Everyone.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services! 

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Seminars & Workshops

Will be held in different locations on various topics.  We believe that KNOWLEDGE is the key to success and the path to diminishing ignorance in the world.  We are all God's creatures and the more we educate and open our hearts and minds to different point-of-views, we eventually learn how to show compassion and love towards one another.  

Datesand times will be posted on our Calendar.


We believe in caring for communities and helping those who cannot help themselves.  We are always willing to help out our neighbour in need.  Our theory is when you give, more is given unto you.

Community Building

We are a Restoration Facility for the Mind Body and Soul. Guiding our Clients through the Struggle of Recovery to the Freedom of Sobriety.

Addiction Ministry

We will be holding Seminars & Workshops on this topic in different locations, guests who are attending will be required to participate.  There will be food & beverages provided and lots of fun activities and we will also be having retreats 3 times a year.  

Dates will be posted on our Calendar.

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